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  • sealed ultraminiature toggle switches
  • 特色/features 防水密封能预防因焊接或清理过程中的污染物 sealed against solder and cleaning process contaminants 超微型尺寸 ultraminiature size, smallest footprint available 高温材質 high temperature materials (ul 94v-0)
  • specification
    mechanical life: 
    40,000 make-and-break cycles.
    circuit: spdt、dpdt
    contact rating: 0.4 va [email protected]vac or dc max.
    contact resistance: below 100 mω typ. initial @ 2-4 v dc, 100 ma.
    insulation resistance: 500 mω min.
    dielectric strength:500 vrms [email protected] sea level.
    degree of protection: ip 67